PLC Relays

Advantages at a glance

  • Electromechanical or Solid State Relay as alternatives.
  • More Functionality in the sleek housing.
  • Modules with spring-cage and screw connection are of the same shape.
  • Easy connection to the prefabricated system cabling.
  • With 6.2mm width and minimumm wiring for sensor and actuators it saves a lot of time and space.
  • Integrated and input protection circuit, easy labeling, LED indication and plugability.

Safety Relays

Advantages at a glance

  • Wide range of safty relays in a narrow housing with Pluggable Connectors.
  • Easy integration and handling.
  • Compact, space-saving design with T-Connector for Bus.
  • Innovative connection technology with both the option of Screw and Spring.
  • Modular expandability.
  • Universal applicability on the basis of all relevant approvals.

Analog Converters

Advantages at a glance

  • Space-Saving compact size with 6.2mm width.
  • Top performance: 3-way isolation and transmission errors < 0.2.
  • Hot Swapping and Expert Distribution of Power: the DIN rail bus or "T-Bus" supplies the modules on the DIN rail with voltage and carries the data between the modules. If a device is ever removed from the DIN rail bus, the connection between the remaining modules remains intact.
  • Reduced Wiring.

Varioface Wiring Interface

Advantages at a glance

  • Simple and quick assembly on all comman Din rails.
  • Fast system start up and debugging.
  • Compact module saves space.
  • Easy maintenance and replacement of major components due to pluggability and clear labeling.
  • Minimization of faults through protecting components like diodes, fuses etc.
  • Simple and clear wiring.

Varioface Prefabricated Cable

Advantages at a glance

The Prefabricated cable helps in:

  • Fast wiring for Control panels, saving assembly time and money.
  • It reduces the wiring man hour by 90%.
  • Uniform, clear, simple and hassle free wiring saves space in the panel.
  • Manual work reduction and thereby reducing human error.
  • Simple plug and play with reliable cables.
  • Customized designs are also posible.
  • Simple and quick assembly.
  • Fast system start up and debugging.
  • Easy maintenance and replacement of major components due to pluggability and clear labeling.

Surge Voltage Arrester

Advantages at a glance

This protection comes in various designs, meaning there is a suitable solution available for every kind of system including machine control, industrial automation; telecom and IT power supply etc.

  • Universal Plugability with proper coding.
  • Thermal disconnect device.
  • Mechanical status display of individual arrester.
  • Optional integrated floating PDT contact for remote signalling.
  • Testable with Checkmaster for onsite testing.
  • Dual clamping space for separate connection of power cable and shorting links.

Device Surge Arrester

Advantages at a glance

PLUGTRAB ranges are installed directly before the terminal equipment. For three or five-conductor networks (L, N, PE or Ll, L2, L3, N, PE), we have just the right device for mounting on DIN rails.

  • Function display on the device and as remote indication.
  • Installation on the DIN rail directly at the device to be protected.
  • Slim design and minimum space requirements.
  • High nominal current, up to 26 Amps.
  • Complete function test with TRABTECH CHECKMASTER.

I/O System in Control Cabinet

Advantages at a glance

  • High modularity, low wiring effort, large variety of functions and precise diagnostics are the advantages of this tool kit. Take advantage of these advantages for your bus system. In this way you will reduce start-up times, speed up troubleshooting and increase the availability of your systems.
  • The Inline automation kit offers bus couplers and function terminal for all current networks and functions.
  • Less space on the DIN rail - more functions: 8 inputs and 4 outputs are an integral feature of the new Inline bus couplers, which measures just 80 mm. Not only do these devices ensure fieldbus communication, it also performs part of the automation task. To transform this part into a whole concept, Integrated asset management functions are another valuable feature of this new generation of bus couplers.