Power Supply

Switch Mode Power Supply (15/25/35/50/75/100/150/200/350-W Models) S8FS-C

High Reliability at a Reasonable Cost. Reliable, Basic Power Supplies That Contribute to Stable Equipment Operation.

  • To Improve Reliability of Euipment, Start with Power Supply Selection
  • How does a Power Supply contribute to stable equipment operation?
  • Do your power supplies stop due to unexpected external disturbances? You can increase your equipment operating rates by selecting Power Supplies that have a high resistance to external disturbances.


DC Backup Block for S8TS Prevents 24-VDC Outages Due to Power Interruptions or Failures

  • Supplies 24 VDC for a fixed period of time even during AC input outages to considerably improve system reliability.
  • Block Power Supply Basic Block is connected using a Bus Line Connector to achieve a simple system configuration.
  • Notification of alarms is provided by indications on the main unit and alarm signal output.
  • RoHS-Compliant.



Easy to Use and Easy to Read.

  • Easier to Read
  • Better Readability Character Height of 10 mm with a Wide Viewing Angle.
  • The Easiest Operation Operation is simplified by the Up/Down Keys for each digit on 4-digit.

Analog Timers (H3CR-A)

Multiple Operating Modes and Multiple Time Ranges. DIN 48 x 48-mm Multifunctional Timer.

  • A wide AC/DC power supply range greatly reduces the number of timer models kept in stock.
  • A wide range of applications with multiple operating modes, eight modes for 11-pin models and five modes for 8-pin models.
  • Ecological design with reduced current consumption.
  • Easy sequence checking with instantaneous outputs for a zero set value.
  • Length of 75 mm or less when panel-mounted with a P3G-08 Socket (H3CR-A8E, 100 to 240 VAC, 100 to 125 VDC)
  • PNP input models available.
  • Standards: UL, CSA, NK, LR, CCC, EN 61812-1, and CE Marking.



DIN 48 × 48 mm Multifunction Preset Counter with a Bright, Easy-to-view, Negative Transmissive LCD

  • Easier to Read
  • Character Height: 12 mm [Large Characters]
  • The larger characters and wider viewing angle join a bright display for easy reading even in well-lit locations.
  • We increased the number of display segments to make setting parameters even easier.


DIN 48 x 24-mm Total Counter/Time Counter with Easy-to-read Displays and Water and Oil Resistance Equivalent to IP66

  • High-visibility, negative transmissive LCD display with 8.5-mm-high characters and built-in red LED backlight at low power consumption.
  • IP66 with oil resistance and NEMA 4 protection achieved by unifying the front with the case and by using oil-resistant parts and materials.
  • Compact (80 mm) body.
  • Just change a switch setting for either an NPN or PNP input.
  • Supports both external resetting and manual resetting.
  • Finger-protection terminal block cover prevents electrical shock and conforms to VDE0106, Part 100.
  • Certified for UL and CSA safety standards.
  • Complies with EMC standards (EN 61326) and CE Marking.