Temprature Controller


Control Panels: The Heart of Manufacturing Sites. Evolution in control panels results in large evolution in production facilities. And if control panel design, control panel manufacturing processes, and human interaction with them are innovated, control panel manufacturing becomes simpler and takes a leap forward. OMRON will continue to achieve a control panel evolution and process innovation through many undertakings starting with the shared Value Design for Panel *1 concept for the specifications of products used in control panels.

*1 Value Design for Panel Our shared Value Design for Panel (herein after referred to as "Value Design") concept for the specifications of products used in control panels will create new value to our customer’s control panels. Combining multiple products that share the Value Design concept will further increase the value provided to control panels.


DIN-sized (48 x 48 mm) Temperature Controller with Analog Setting

  • Compact, low-cost Temperature Controller.
  • Incorporates proportional control and reset adjustment function.
  • Consecutive mounting possible using mounting adapter.
  • Incorporates a plug-in socket, thus allows to DIN-track and flush mounting.

Sensor I/O Connectors / Sensor Controllers


Water- and Environment-resistive FA Connectors Save Wiring and Maintenance Effort

  • Compact FA connectors meet IP67 requirements and ensure a 94V-0 fire retardant rating.
  • A wide array of connectors makes a wiring system more modular, simplifies maintenance, and reduces downtime.
  • Connectors with Cables and Connector Assemblies are available.
  • Three types of Connector Assembly: Crimping, soldering, and screw-on.
  • Connectors with Cables are UL certified.
  • Based on IEC61076-2-101 (IEC 60947-5-2) and NECA 4202.


Offers High-speed Input Response of 0.1 ms and Equipped with Built-in Timer

  • High-speed response of 0.1 ms.
  • Ideal as a two-input Controller.
  • Lineup includes the S3D2-BK with flip-flop functions convenient for level control, the S3D2-AKD/CKD/CCD with 24-V power supply, and the S3D2-DK/EK with one input/output OFF-delay (two circuits) useful for load control and lamp display.
  • Power source for the Sensor can be supplied up to 200 mA.
  • Ultra-slim body with 30-mm width.
  • Multi-function model equipped with timer functions also available.

Limit Switches


Select the Best Two-circuit Switch for the Operating Environment and Application from a Wide Range of Models

  • Many Variations in Standard Limit Switches A Wide Range of Models
  • The series includes includes many different actuators that you select to match the workpiece shape and motion, and a wide range of Switch variations, such as models with operation indicators for easier working and maintenance and models with different types of connectors.
  • Select from Six Types of Environment Resistance. The series includes Airtight Switches, Hermetic Switches, Heatresistant Switches, Low-temperature Switches, Corrosion-proof switches, and Weather-proof Switches. You can select the model based on the onsite environment.


Flat springs with an improved lever ratio of the built-in switch ensure smooth snap action and long life expectancy.

  • Protection cover protects the built-in switch from dust and oil. Plunger incorporates a tough seal cap that lasts for a long time.
  • One touch connector eliminates need for tedious wiring operations and reduces downtime for wiring and maintenance (models with standard, easy-to-use screw terminals are also available).
  • Minute load model with gold cladding is optimal for electronic control.
  • Molded terminal types as well as molded terminal types with operating indicator lamps are available for screw terminal systems.
  • Approved by EN, UL, CSA, and CCC (Chinese standard). (Ask your OMRON representative for Information on approved models.)
  • No difference in mounting pitch and characteristics between D4E-[]N and D4E models.